Download new track All Too Easy

Our track "All Too Easy" will be featured on an episode of 9-1-1 which will air this Monday! It is a re-worked version of Fire in the Fields which was always intended to be a demo. This is a new…

The Water Lets You In now on Spotify!

It's almost time for the premiere of season 2 of Bloodline! I'm excited to announce that The Water Lets You In is now available on both Spotify and I tunes... not to mention most other major platforms. There is a…

Working away!

After a small break to take care of some life stuff... like a move across town and other fun activities... we are back in business working on the new record.

Its coming along great. I'll post a rough mix of…

Ep Pre-sale!

Help us fund our full length and finish our EP by joining our Kickstarter! If we meet our goal the music will be yours come November!

Video t i m e

Chasing the industreal dreamscape with NDS was a blast.

Cover Art

Good News! Our cover art has landed. The exceptionally talented street artist Dee Dee has created an amazing portrait to be our artwork for the Revolution Games EP.
So excited and grateful to be working with so many talented people. …


Had a great time with PETE doing some mastering on our new tracks over at INFRASONIC in LA.


Back from NYC

We had a great time in NYC. Met with the director of our video Noah David Smith

Looking forward to our shoot this weekend. Heading out to Sandstone Peak… the train yards and the Port of Los Angeles. Mostly…